2017 News & Updates

March 06 2017

The wilds of Chilko Lake are remarkable, this year was a huge highlight!

In review of 2016, this was another great year with quite a few trips that went out, including a walking/Hiking trip to UK’s Cornish Coast although not related to any canoe journey it was great to do something different, the story was posted on my Facebook site.

Mother Grizzly and cub near our camp on Chilko Lake.

Here are some of the highlights for the 2016 canoe journeys, The Broughton Archipelago, Sidney Island in the Gulf Islands, Dease Lake gathering and Chilko Lake, Chilko Lake was a great highlight last year as the experiences with the Grizzly Bears was truly remarkable!!

Bruce on the Grizzly Bear trail near the shores of Chilko Lake.

A lone Grizzly appears very close to our camp, he was very respectful to our presence!

I will post some of these highlights on Chilko following this report.

Trips are now being planned for the 2017 season and are all full! The first to go out will be to Toba Inlet from Lund BC, this is in the first 2 weeks of July, in August another journey out to the Broughtons for 2 weeks and lastly our 19th trip to Chilko Lake which is in September.

We have also planned a journey to Shetland as a youth exchange program for the Namgis First Nation, we hope that their fundraising goes well and that they are able to experience the Shetland Islands in UK, if this moves ahead in the last 2 weeks of July there will be opportunities to canoe/paddle in Spirit Dancer canoe.

Our crew with the canoe Samboulyan near Big Lagoon, Chilko Lake.

Chilko at itís finest! September 2016 Fantastic trip for all of us.

Images of Chilko will be part of this report from the 2016 September journey.

Best regards Chris.